Why Event Project Managers are useful in a Zombie Apocalypse

Event Project Managers are calm and un-flappable in a crisis. In fact we feel quite comfortable to be the stillness in the middle of a tornado of chaos, where time slows down to us, but in the blink of an eye we have carefully worked though all the possible solutions to our current issue, and picked one! Read more about Why Event Project Managers are useful in a Zombie Apocalypse[…]

Our Online Guide to (… wait for it…) Online Events!

Lockdown has created a lovely reason for event companies to show case virtual aka online events and boy has the market exploded with different offerings.  Here’s my simple take for non-event people. What is a Virtual Event? A virtual event is an online event, which can either: Be pre-recorded, like a series of ‘videos’ perhaps Read more about Our Online Guide to (… wait for it…) Online Events![…]

Sexy in the City

Looking for a unique venue for your corporate event, something that’s “not your standard hotel” – less bleh and more glam – these are our top choices for a Summer in the City bash. TURBINE HALL (The Glass House upstairs, or the Concrete Basement, both stunning!) Found in Newtown, Johannesburg – Modern, yet old, refurbished Read more about Sexy in the City[…]

ROI for your Year End Bash

We’ve had a good few requests this year for more team-build focussed year-end bashes, so we took this to our LinkedIn contacts for a bit of a discussion. The year-end bashes of yester-year were mostly party focussed, lots of glorious food, far too many drinks and a generous portion of “letting it all loose” for Read more about ROI for your Year End Bash[…]

What’s the point of this company conference again?

The first quarter of each year is generally when internal company conferences happen. It’s all about setting the scene for the new year, getting staff motivated again after the Summer holidays, and getting our focus back on making money and keeping customers (and bosses) happy. Sir Richard Branson advocates for a people-focused style of leadership, Read more about What’s the point of this company conference again?[…]

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